NAD + IV Therapy in Kansas City

Elevate Wellness KC has been operational in providing all kinds of intravenous injections for optimal body functioning and well-being. We have now stepped our foot forward in offering NAD + IV therapy in Kansas City. It is an untiring dream come true of two of our most valuable team members, Dr. David Whitmer and Dr. Natasha Tucker. It is a result of their passion and commitment that we sell our services so strongly and proudly!

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    NAD+ Infusions

    • $300 for 250mg 90 minute infusion
    • $550 for 500mg infusion
    • $60 for 25mg IM injection
    • $90 for 50mg IM injection

    What is NAD + IV Therapy?

    NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide which is a coenzyme and has anti-aging properties. As we grow older, the NAD enzyme levels lower in our body and we feel the signs of aging. NAD has shown proven benefits on multiple physical, cognitive and hormonal health functions including:

    • Slows down the aging process.
    • Improves metabolism and aids weight loss.
    • Improves mental clarity, focus and attention.
    • Beats general fatigue and improves immune health.
    • Prevent and correct DNA damage
    NAD + IV Therapy

    A Versatile Treatment for Growing Ages and Needs

    While we grow in age, there is an increased vulnerability to extended physical exertion and mental stress causing us to fall prey to multiple health issues together. In order to avoid that, we have introduced this modern and versatile form of treatment that addresses the needs of our increasing age and helps us feel young, energetic and beautiful throughout.

    Whether you want to fight off anti-aging symptoms or battle against a chronic condition or just generally improve your overall body performance and overall functioning, our NAD combined with other forms of IV therapy options including Vitamin C, Glutathione and Myers’ cocktail aim at overall replenishment and rejuvenation of your body. This is your call to sign up for our infusions which are 100% safe, natural and administered by licensed and certified professionals in Kansas City.

    Question About NAD + IV Therapy?

    Things You May Feel After NAD + IV Therapy

    Medicine has now transgressed from being conventional to a more advanced version of addressing varying needs of people. Provided is the list of things you may feel after going through our NAD + IV therapy in Kansas City.

    • Higher energy levels – reduced fatigue
    • Better mood
    • Relief from pain and inflammation
    • Higher attentiveness and focus
    • Reduced anxiety and depression
    • Faster healing and recovering
    • Better physical performance
    • Reduced feelings of tiredness and fatigue
    • General feeling of youthfulness

    Harnessing a Better You

    Our treatments allow for you to be more energetic and feel youthful regardless of age. Our IV treatments in Kansas City are a combination of expert knowledge and empathy. With the use of modern technology, we strive towards providing top notch services in Kansas City. We cater to our clients’ questions and make sure they are informed about the nitty gritty of the process. Our process is completely safe and is backed with complete customer satisfaction and a proven success rate.

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    If you also want to sign up for an IV therapy in Kansas City, visit Elevate Wellness KC for safe, informed and widely acclaimed medical services. We are here to serve you in our best capacity. In order to get further information, dial us at (913) 249-2420.

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