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Our specialists are committed to aiding patients in reclaiming their natural equilibrium, spearheading the shift in mental and physical healthcare from reliance on medications to a more comprehensive approach through integrated psychiatry.

David Whitmer

David Whitmer

ASKP (American Society of Ketamine Physicians)

Dr. David Whitmer assumes the crucial role of Medical Director at Elevate Wellness KC, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise. His journey in the medical field includes the completion of his residency at Truman Medical Center (now University Health) in 2013, followed by the prestigious achievement of board certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Throughout his career, he has distinguished himself as an attending physician at various esteemed hospitals in the Kansas City Metro area.

At the core of Dr. Whitmer’s professional mission is a profound recognition of the integral role mental health plays in overall well-being. His commitment to this principle is manifested through the delivery of compassionate care and the implementation of effective treatment strategies. Driven by a sincere desire to positively impact the lives of his patients, he strives to facilitate their journey towards optimal mental and emotional wellness.

Demonstrating a firm passion for assisting others, he concentrates on empowering his clients. His approach involves equipping them with the essential tools necessary for their unique path to wellness. Beyond his medical endeavors, Dr. Whitmer finds fulfillment in his personal life as a happily married individual and a proud father of four school-aged children. This holistic dedication to both professional and personal spheres underscores his commitment to the well-being of those he serves.

Natasha Tucker

Natasha Tucker


Natasha Tucker stands out as a highly skilled and devoted healthcare professional, leaving an indelible mark on the nursing field through her commitment. Commencing her nursing journey in 2010, Natasha earned her Associates of Nursing degree, marking the initiation of a career that would be defined by compassion and expertise. Her first role as an Emergency Room (ER) Trauma Nurse not only showcased her adeptness in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment but also cultivated a profound empathy for patients facing critical situations.

Motivated by her passion for patient care and a thirst for continuous improvement, Natasha returned to academia in 2019. In a testament to her dedication, she pursued a dual degree program, achieving both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialization in the Family Nurse Practitioner track. Natasha’s commitment to excellence shone through as she graduated with nursing honors from Chamberlain University, a recognition of her diligence and perseverance.

Beyond her traditional nursing expertise, Natasha has expanded her skill set through extensive training in Aesthetics. With an established client base attesting to the efficacy of her multifaceted skills, she has recently become a co-owner with Dr. David Whitmer at Elevate Wellness KC. This healthcare facility distinguishes itself by offering a holistic approach to wellness and aesthetics, reflecting Natasha’s commitment to comprehensive care.

Outside the realm of her professional pursuits, Natasha discovers fulfillment in her roles as a spouse and parent. Happily married with two children, Natasha and her family call Lenexa, Kansas, home, exemplifying a balance between professional accomplishment and personal contentment.

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