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Welcome to Elevate Wellness KC!

Your Go-To Destination for Wellness and Aesthetics in Kansas City

At Elevate Wellness KC, we take pride in being a top-notch provider of wellness and aesthetic treatments in Kansas City. Committed to delivering exceptional healthcare, we approach each patient with a unique blend of science, compassion, and integrity.
Begin your drive to total well-being right here! We offer Ketamine infusions for both mental health and chronic pain disorders.
Aesthetic treatments include Weight loss, Botox, fillers, and micro needling.

Better health through better living

Living Well, Living Fully

Step into a new era of healthcare with our personalized approach. As your dedicated wellness partners, we go beyond traditional boundaries, caring for your mind, body, and soul. Led by a team of seasoned healthcare providers, we revolutionize patient outcomes. Our inclusive approach reaches everyone, building communities of well-being. From legal and ethical ketamine-assisted therapy to comprehensive assessments, medical aesthetics, and nutrition therapy, we offer a holistic range of services. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities through our carefully curated services, empowering you to thrive on every level.

At Elevate Wellness KC, we’re on a mission to swiftly address depression and other life-impacting conditions. With heartfelt compassion and a deeply personalized approach, we bring together medical expertise to enhance your overall well-being.

Exceptional Outcomes

Extraordinary Results

Finding root causes, not just addressing symptoms, through personalized medicine.

Expert Medical Support

Expert Guidance for Your Health

Our skilled nursing team, with years of experience, is here to support you.

Proven Safety Protocols

Ensuring Your Safety Always

Prioritizing clinical excellence and safety in our medical clinic.

Repair Your Brain

Revitalize Your Mind

Experience relief and repair for your brain’s well-being.

Meet The Providers

David Whitmer

ASKP (American Society of Ketamine Physicians) As the medical director at Elevate Wellness KC, Dr. David Whitmer brings a wealth of experience to our team. He completed his residency at Truman Medical Center (now University Health) in 2013 and achieved board certification from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Over the years, Dr. Whitmer has served as an attending physician at several prominent hospitals in the KC Metro area.

Dr. Whitmer is driven by a commitment to recognizing the crucial role of mental health in overall well-being. His approach involves providing compassionate care and effective treatment strategies to positively impact the lives of his patients, helping them achieve optimal mental and emotional wellness.
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Natasha Tucker

Natasha Tucker, a highly skilled healthcare professional, began her nursing journey in 2010, earning an Associates of Nursing degree. Her career took off as an Emergency Room Trauma Nurse, refining her skills and deepening her compassion. In 2019, driven by a passion for patient care, Natasha pursued a dual degree, earning a BSN and MSN in Family Nursing. Graduating with honors from Chamberlain University showcased her commitment.

Natasha's expertise extends to Aesthetics, benefiting a broad client base. Now co-owner with Dr. David Whitmer at Elevate Wellness KC, she brings a holistic approach to healthcare.
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Revitalize Your Well-Being in Kansas City

Elevate Your Health with Our Exclusive Wellness Treatments

Ketamine Infusion

Discern a breakthrough in mental health with Ketamine Infusion. Our safe and effective treatments provide relief, offering a path to emotional well-being that goes beyond traditional approaches.

Weight Loss

Start with a personalized weight loss journey with us. Tailored plans, expert guidance, and support empower you to achieve and maintain your health goals. See a healthier, happier you.

Botox Treatment

Botox is a nonsurgical process that doesn’t need any form of anesthesia. After cleaning your face thoroughly, our treatment provider will inject botulinum toxin (Botox) on the preferred areas through a very fine needle.

Dermal Fillers

Restore youthfulness and redefine beauty with our expertly administered Dermal Fillers. Smooth away fine lines and revitalize your appearance, achieving a natural, and refreshed look.

Revitalize with Ketamine Infusion at Elevate Wellness KC

On Your Path to Wellness

At Elevate Wellness KC, a forefront in mental health treatment, experience the groundbreaking Ketamine infusion therapy. We are dedicated to providing outstanding care, combining expertise, and empathy to enhance your overall well-being.
Originally used for anesthesia, Ketamine has been found to be effective for many people in treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain

We understand that many patients have received care from other healthcare professionals before coming to our clinic, and we’ll keep an open line of communication with your current medical provider.

Harmony, Connection, and Devotion

At Elevate Wellness KC, we offer a blend of healthcare services, including wellness, functional medicine, and personalized supplements to meet your unique health requirements. Our full-service Medical Spa caters to all your aesthetic needs. With individualized consultations, we address both your health and aesthetic concerns, priding ourselves on high customer satisfaction. Choose a healthier, longer, and more beautiful life— we are here to provide you with the tools for optimal well-being, wherever you are.

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Patient Reviews

Had the best experience getting my lip filler, with Natasha! She was very clean, very educated on what type I needed for the look I was going for! Absolutely Can't wait for my next visit!

Dee Dee Ketller

Natasha is my GO TO for all of my beauty needs!! She's done my lips and basically my whole face!! This woman has worked MAGIC on my face and confidence!! She definitely knows what she's doing!

Megan Johnson

Had such a wonderful experience with Natasha. I had lip filler done and the confidence it has given me is beyond my expectations! Can't wait to continue my services with her.

Loren Halpin


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