Vitamin Therapy in Kansas City

Infusing the best blends of nutrients essential for agile functioning, Elevate Wellness KC promises to provide treatments that transpire the realms of the ordinary. In the genre of cosmetic and overall well-being, we take pride in extending our services to provide the most reliable, safe, and profound Vitamin Therapy in Kansas City.

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    Vitamin Therapy

    • 12.5G for $175
    • 25G for $225

    Things You Need To Know About It

    In order to fully understand its benefits, it is important to know what this treatment is all about. Let us dive into a brief definition of this procedure and what it entails!

    This treatment follows quite a straightforward procedure. Once you are seated comfortably, the attendant will insert a cannula through which a blend of vitamins B12, C, and D enters into the bloodstream. The duration of this treatment can vary from 40 minutes to an hour at maximum, depending on certain factors. Any additional information about the dosage type will be answered by our specialist during the consultation process, or anytime you may have one!

    Aftercare is extremely crucial after getting vitamin therapy. It is most likely recommended to stay hydrated and rest after 24 hours of the procedure and follow a prescribed regimen as instructed.

    Vitamin C Infusion Therapy

    Benefits of Vitamin Therapy

    Our vitamin therapy is designed to infuse essential vitamins into your body that improve your health and vitality. It contains a harmonious blend of Vitamins B12, C, and D that can benefit your health in more ways than you can imagine.

    • Vitamin B12 enhances metabolism, neurological functions, and blood cell formation. It is particularly beneficial for vegans, vegetarians, or those with digestive issues who cannot absorb Vitamin B12 from their diet.
    • Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties. It boosts the immune system, enhances collagen formation, and helps in the maintenance of healthy skin and gums.
    • Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, plays a crucial role in bone health. Apart from enhancing the strength of your bones, it also improves immune function and overall wellness.

    Question About Vitamin Therapy?

    Our Services Are Customizable

    In the vast array of treatment options and opportunities, what makes our vitamin therapy stand out in Kansas City is our understanding of individual needs and preferences. Our therapy is not set in stone, and our doses can be customized accordingly. With an eye for intricacy and the hands of expertise, we provide top-notch, trusted, and highly supervised infusion therapy at our facility.

    Common Questions Answered

    Q1. How much does vitamin therapy cost in Kansas City?

    There may be varying ranges as per the personalized requirements. We would love to see you at our facility to formulate one for you!

    Q2. How often should I get one?

    It wholly depends on the kinds of symptoms being treated through this treatment therapy. Some may need it weekly; many may need it once a month.

    Q3. Is it a safe procedure?

    It is generally a safe and reliable medical procedure. However, it is important to discuss medical history and allergies in order to avoid any complications afterward.

    Q4. What are the common side effects of the procedure?

    Experiencing some pain and bruising might be normal, but all should subside within due time.

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    From chronic illnesses to general well-being, our Vitamin Therapy in Kansas City offers multiple physical and cognitive health benefits. If you are also inclined towards getting one yourself, head to Elevate Wellness KC or dial (913) 249-2420 for information and details.

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