Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy In Kansas City

This therapy is a common effort to promote physical, cognitive and overall wellbeing. We welcome you to get onboard with us to avail some of the best treatments to overcome chronic fatigue, insomnia, muscle pain, allergies and much more.

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    Myers Cocktail


    The Rich Blend of Vitamins And Minerals

    Myers’ Therapy was birthed in 1954 as an alternative medicinal effort by Dr. John Myer that aimed at infusing rich and concentrated blends of essential nutrients in the bloodstream. This particular IV therapy is known to extend favors in enhancing mood, elevating energy levels, strengthening the immune system and promoting overall functioning.

    • Vitamins – helps in cell growth and regeneration.
    • Calcium increases bone health and density.
    • Magnesium – aids muscle function, cognitive and heart health.
    • Zinc – supports a healthy immune system.
    Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy

    The Treatment Pattern Follows

    As a form of IV therapy, Myers’ Cocktail in Kansas City is also administered intravenously, requiring a licensed healthcare professional to deliver promising results. The process involves seating the patient comfortable and disinfecting the veins. Following, a catheter needle is entered through with the IV drips until 30 to 90 minutes depending on total bag volume and infusion rate.

    Question About Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy?

    Vitality and Values Go Hand in Hand

    Understanding the need to address chronic health issues, this nutrient treatment revolves around introducing the body with concentrated levels of minerals and vitamins to recount deficiencies and other illnesses. Our therapy in Kansas City specializes in providing safe IV infusions following all due protocols of hygiene and professionalism.

    Free Consultation: Talk through all your requirements in your free consultation with some of the best experts in this field.

    Certified Practitioners: We have a certified team of professionals ready to serve you in our best knowledge and technical capacity

    Clean and Hygienic Environment: For our patients to feel at ease, our clinic follows a strict hygiene and cleanliness policy.

    Healthcare and Support: Our team ensures all our patients receive outstanding medical care targeted to their specific needs from start till end with great care and support.

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    Elevate Wellness KC addresses the vast variety of health conditions and their effects on everyday lives. In the common effort of providing relative solutions, we have introduced our most sought and profound Myers’ cocktail IV therapy in Kansas City. Contact us at (913) 249-2420 to discuss further details.

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