Micro Needling Treatment in Kansas City

Secure your long awaited micro needling treatment booking with Elevate Wellness KC as we progressively strive towards a more cosmetically aware and acceptable society. We excel in administering safe and responsible procedures that are well integrated with modern technology and professional expertise. In the vast variety of extending cosmetic services, we are regarded as one of the best and leading providers of micro needling treatment in Kansas City. Under the skillful and aesthetically woven guidance of Dr. David Whitmer and Natasha Tucker, APRN, rest assured that you are in capable hands.

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    Ask us more about customizing your treatment to fit your individual needs.

    Stimulating Collagen, Compassion and Clarity

    Addressing issues related to skin can be tricky keeping in mind people have different skin types and might react differently to varying treatments. In order to cover for any complications after, our treatments follow a strict and mutually agreed protocol/policy. We welcome our clients with empathy, respond to their queries, review their skin health and medical conditions thoroughly and then determine a suitable treatment plan threaded with customized individual needs.

    An all-encompassing approach allows us to connect with our clients on a deeper and meaningful level. Our professional values are honed into a purely customer centric approach. While providing the best possible solutions, we believe that our clients must also stay on the same page as us.

    Micro Needling Treatment

    Our Four Step Micro Needling Process

    We have attempted to present concise, easy to understand, stratified information on the process of microneedling. Here are four steps involved in the procedure:

    1- Consultation
    In order to determine the accuracy for being the right fit; our microneedling treatment in Kansas City starts off with a comprehensive consultation which includes reviewing current skin, medical history and future goals.

    2- Prepping
    Before administering the actual treatment, our patients are made comfortable and familiar with the environment. Easing our patients follows with cleaning and doing the required pre-arrangements for microneedling. This also involves applying a numbing cream letting it sit to take effect.

    3- Needling Process
    Experience our Micro-needling treatment in Kansas City, where we employ state-of-the-art tools and supplies to enhance your skincare journey. Our skilled providers use either a manual or electric roller to initiate the needling process, ensuring a personalized and effective treatment for you.

    4- After Care

    The process typically takes up to a few minutes or an hour depending on the severity and treatment extent. Your face might show signs of swelling, inflammation and itch. However, all these are short lived and will subside with proper aftercare.

    Question About Micro Needling Treatment?

    Benefits of Micro-Needling with Elevate Wellness KC

    Benefits of microneedling are more than just a supple plump skin. Other benefits that often don’t get enough attention are listed below:

    • Reduces acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines
    • Shrinks large pores
    • Even skin tone and hyperpigmentation
    • Reduces hair growth
    • Smoothes out stretch marks

    Explore Wonders of Micro-Needling with Our Expert Team

    Before going for a service it is very likely to weigh the pros and cons. But our Micro needling treatment promises to outweigh all your worries, concerns and queries when you are in Kansas City.

    We derive our strength from our lovable clientele and our treatment majorly focuses on fulfilling all needs of them. Our idea is not just gathering clients, but retaining them and treating them as family. We have maintained our standing with unending and tireless effort both as individuals and a team.

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    Our Micro-Needling service at Elevate Wellness KC offers more than just a skincare treatment; it’s a journey towards rejuvenation and confidence. With our dedicated team, state-of-the-art tools, and personalized approach, you can trust us to elevate your skincare experience. Direct any additional queries on this contact number (913) 249-2420. We would love to assist you and welcome you onboard!

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