Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Kansas City

We bring you one of the most innovative solutions for severe treatment resistant depression and other indicated health conditions: Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Our healthcare professionals, Dr. David Whitmer and Natasha Tucker, APRN and their dedicated team are passionate about providing quality care to our patients. With their extensive experience in the Emergency Department using Ketamine they can safely administer Ketamine and can tailor your Ketamine dose to what is most effective for the individual patient. We do have the expectation that you have a mental health provider before starting treatment or we can assist you in finding one. If you are in search of Ketamine Infusion therapy, please visit Elevate Wellness KC and get started on your journey to an improved life.

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    Ketamine Infusions

    • Mood infusions (40 mins) = $450
    • Mood Loading Series package (6 treatments) = $2400
    • Pain infusions (120 mins) = $750
    • Pain loading series package (3 to 5 treatments) = $700 per infusion

    What is Ketamine?

    You might be wondering what ketamine even is, and our friendly experts can enlighten you on the topic. Ketamine itself is an anesthetic that has become increasingly useful, and rightly so. It is recognized as an effective, rapidly acting, and safe medication available to incorporate in multiple uses.

    We suggest ketamine treatment when the patient has failed to respond to other treatment modalities. While it was used back in the day as an anesthetic in the treatment of wounded soldiers, ketamine has shown significant improvement in improving mental health and chronic pain.

    Ketamine Infusion Therapy

    How Ketamine IV Therapy Works

    Ketamine therapy has shown promising results and is a sought-after treatment to this day when nothing else seems to improve the symptoms. But how does ketamine actually work? We will address all of your queries so you understand the science behind the treatment.

    Your brain has two major receptors that relieve depression and stabilize your mood, while the third one controls pain. Ketamine works by activating these receptors. When we administer the ketamine dose in your body, it breaks down into metabolites that are responsible for activating the receptors in a process called synaptogenesis. You will soon notice a remarkable improvement in your symptoms. The process will repair pathways in your brain, relieving depression and pain.

    Question About Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

    • Chronic Pain: Do you suffer from chronic pain conditions? Ketamine therapy might be the answer to eliminating your discomfort. When it is administered, ketamine will work as a medicine and effectively reduce your pain. Visit us if you have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or any other chronic pain condition!
    • Depression & Anxiety: Transgressing from the bounds of physical health, our medicinal services involve working towards a better cognitive and mental health and well-being. With our Ketamine Therapy, you can reduce the recurrence of your depressive episodes and regain control over your emotions. We can help reduce the symptoms of severe depression and anxiety with our ketamine therapy. It works by producing dopamine, which makes a big difference to your condition!
    • PTSD: Since ketamine enables dopamine production and restores pathways in the brain, it helps reduce the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
    • Bipolar Disorder: Ketamine can work to reduce the symptoms of bipolar disorder as well. It shows tremendous effects in reducing suicidal thoughts and improving your mood. Drop by our ketamine clinic in Kansas City today to discuss more!
    • Migraine & Headaches: If you suffer from migraine, you will know how challenging it is to treat. However, our ketamine therapy might prove to be more effective than you think!
    • Nerve & Inflammatory Pain: Your body reacts with inflammation to fight against an infection, but you might experience pain due to the immune system’s response. Ketamine therapy is pretty effective in treating nerve pain and inflammatory pain!

    Visit our Ketamine Clinic in Kansas City!

    At Elevate Wellness KC, we have exceptional solutions for your health conditions. Our ketamine infusion therapy in Kansas City can improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Talk to us now at (913) 249-2420.

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