Infrared & Red-Light Therapy in Kansas City

Introducing the most effective, innovative and cost-effective wellness service for people seeking a profound and healthy lifestyle. Elevate Wellness KC pushes forth a sense of wellbeing through accessible, trusted and reliable services in all over Kansas City. Within our broad spectrum of services, we have now added Infrared & Red-Light Therapy to the list. It is a reflective effort of Dr. David Whitmer and Natasha Tucker, APRN and their unstifled passion towards providing the best wellness options for people in this area.

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    Luminir treatment:

    • 15 minute treatment – $40
    • mPulse Aspire Smart Sauna Customizable Red, Near Red, Mid Red, and far Infrared light therapy – 30 mins – $40

    Inviting You for an Overall Experience for your Mind, Body and Soul

    Infrared lights provide multiple health benefits, allowing your body to self-heal and rejuvenate on its own. Our infrared and red-light therapy in Kansas City blends modern technology, securing the best health benefits that they have to offer. Infrared rays are absorbed through the skin surface providing a suitable environment for healing, helping the body to detoxify, relax, consequently improving blood circulation and healing, helping clients to feel good and simultaneously age well.

    Red Light Therapy

    Benefits of Our Treatment

    We optimize your wellbeing through the latest and most effective health solutions, combining cutting edge tools and techniques with the expertise of leading professionals in the relative industries of beauty, health and wellness. Delivering advanced treatments, our treatment approach stands firm on being carefully curated with the varying needs of our clients. With our infrared & red-light therapy in Kansas City, you are signing up for a complete healing episode from within. Listed below are a few prominent benefits that you can achieve from this treatment:

    • Improves skin tone and texture
    • Supports immune function
    • Stimulated cell repair and healing
    • Improves mental and cognitive function
    • Alleviates pain and inflammation
    • Reduces stress and anxiety

    Question About Infrared & Red-Light Therapy?

    Technology Used in Our Treatment

    We have always aimed at making people look and feel good. For this purpose we use various technologies to provide you with best possible results. We us:

    LumiNIR Therapy

    In this therapy we uses a one handheld device which offers a combination of four LED options in one, providing a range of therapeutic and skin benefits such as cell repair, anti-ageing, clear skin, pain relief and muscle recovery.

    MPulse Aspire Smart Sauna

    It is a customized relaxation unit providing the right amount of light and heat onto your body delivering wavelengths that can ensure full satisfaction of the user. You just have to be seated and select the six preset health benefit programs (detoxification, weight loss, heart health, pain relief, anti-aging and relaxation) displayed on the screen and let the machine do its job!

    Why Our Treatments Different from Others

    While all other treatments rely on some form of invasive procedure to promote healing and rejuvenation, infrared and red-light therapy provides you an option in Kansas City that involves no use of chemicals, syringes and needles, accommodating people with varying needs and reservations. This is the best option for you if you want a safe, effective, non-surgical and natural treatment that has no recovery timeline or downtime.

    Creating An Experience For You

    Our main aim is to serve our clients through informed service, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the procedure. We believe that any procedure is not a mere treatment, but an experience and journey towards a more compliant and healthier life. Our infrared & red-light therapy in Kansas City does exactly that! – using modern devices to provide the right wavelength and frequency for gaining maximum health benefits. From the inviting ambiance to an empathetic and professional cohort, we provide for a relaxing experience that guarantees full value for money. The treatment goes on till 10 to 20 minutes depending on clients needs and concerns. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, you can resume your normal life with no formal recovery guidelines and downtime.

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    Elevate Wellness KC has been serving in the field of beauty, aesthetics and wellbeing for over years to qualify as one of the best services in town – providing care through compassion and clarity – setting a standard for service and satisfaction.

    If you are also convinced to reap the healing properties that our infrared & red-light therapy has to offer, don’t hesitate to call us at (913) 249-2420 or visit our office in Kansas City.

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