Chemical Peel Treatment in Kansas City

Are you wanting to prep your skin for a vacation or just aiming for a more replenished and fresher look? Elevate Wellness KC is very excited to announce the launch of a skin rejuvenating chemical peel treatment in Kansa City. We offer a variety of peels including various substances, strength and concentrations. In addition to that, our treatment is responsibly administered through precision and care by our very own team of experts, Dr. David Witmer and Dr. Natasha Tucker. Avail this opportunity for a youthful looking skin that shines through in and out!

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    Chemical Peel

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    Personalized Skincare For Our Clients

    We understand that this treatment requires to be personalized according to the needs and unique skin characteristics of patients. That’s why our chemical peel treatment is developed, prepared and performed by board certified dermatologists. All peel treatments offered at Kansas City start off with an initial consultation to review your skin needs, sensitivity issues and desired results. After which a custom peel solution is made all ready for application. Our clients are seated in a comfortable chair and soft music as they journey through a skin replenishing transformation. A 30-minute time or more is given for the solution to settle in and take effect. Treatment time may vary depending on the different complexities of skin type and issues.

    As the chemical reacts with the dead skin cells, it causes the skin to peel and new skin to form. This process of exfoliation leads to an increased protein collagen production, finally improving overall skin tone and texture. Chemical peel treatments have emerged as a popular skin fixing technique as they introduce salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoids to the skin. Not only do they carry anti-aging properties but require no significant downtime or recovery.

    Chemical Peel

    Types Of Chemical Peels We Offer

    We welcome you to take advantage of a quick skin fix with a range of peels to choose from. Here are some of the types of chemical peel treatments you can avail at our clinic in Kansas City.

    Question About Chemical Peel Treatment?

    Glycolic Chemical Peel

    Often the most asked for, our glycolic chemical peel is best at its job, it penetrates deepest into your skin securing an exfoliated and healthy glowing skin for you.

    Vitalize Peel

    If it is your first time availing a chemical treatment in Kansas City or elsewhere, a vitalize peel is a good place to start. It does not irritate the skin and provides all the great skin benefits.

    Lactic Peel

    Clients who are inclined to a lighter potency treatment are referred to lactic peels. It is sourced through milk, remains gentle on the skin and moisturizes it at best.

    Beta Peel

    If you have acne prone skin, a beta peel is your bet. It contains salicylic acid that is great for exfoliation and oil control. It also prevents bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

    In addition to that, we also have pigment balancing peel, retinol peel, mandelic peel, vitamin C peel, alpha jewel peel and so many more. Our clinic representatives can give you a journey through all of them on your visit.

    Contact Information

    Schedule an appointment with Elevate Wellness KC as we gently exfoliate your skin with the goodness of our chemical peel treatment in Kansas City. For more information and details, call us at (913) 415-3532 or visit our clinic at 8725 Rosehill Rd, Ste# 107, Lenexa KS 66219.

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